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Alaskan Dymondwood Ulu

Price: $99.95

This handcrafted Ulu is made by Alaska Native artist Leroy Barlip III. Born in Glenallen, Alaska and raised in the Indian village of Gulkana, his Athabascan mother passed along an appreciation for Native art and crafts. His handcrafted ulus combine art and craftsmanship for a beautiful, useful tool.

The cutting blade on this Ulu is made from fine steel. It is extremely sharp and is an excellent cutting tool. The handle and matching stand is made
using a technique called Dymondwood® , which is a dyed, resin impregnated, pressurized, laminate hardwood. The wood is heated in a vacuum and the air and natural oils replaced with the colors you see. The wood is then layered and bonded with a phenolic resin under tremendous pressure. The process creates wood that is four times stronger than hardwood, water proof and fire resistant.The attached card contains an authenticated Seal of Native Handicraft from Alaska and Made in Alaska certification. It is signed by the artist.

Blade length of 6". Knife is 4.5" (h) from handle to blade. Includes ulu, matching stand and certification card.
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